AUXC Position Task Book

The Auxiliary Communicator (AUXC) State recognition can be initiated by individuals who have completed the 20 hour AUXCOMM Course.  The AUXC Position Task Book (PTB) can be initiated by leadership at your local served agency, such as your COML, Logistics Chief, EOC Manager, etc.  Your PTB may also be initiated by a State of Florida SWIC approved exercise evaluator (COML), or by the SWIC.   Individual evaluators who observe and sign off specific tasks on incident, must be your incident supervisor.

Florida’s SWIC must approve in advance, any exercises at which PTB tasks are being evaluated for sign off.  Ideally, our SWIC is looking for AUXC candidates to have at least one state recognized (COML) evaluator within the candidate PTB.  Once you believe you have completed your PTB, please forward the completed packet (soft copy) to the Florida AUXCOMM Coordinator, David Byrum.  Upon review, David will submit your PTB for final approval and review by FDEM and SWIC.   BE PATIENT with the process!

Your region’s AUXC regional coordinators have the best awareness of events and exercise opportunity to complete your recognition, and are also a good resource for mentoring, opportunities, and questions.

(The State of Florida recognizes the national Department of Homeland Security (DHS) PTB document, linked on this page.  Other organization position task books cannot be accepted for recognition.

The most current version of the AUXC PTB can be downloaded here.